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    Tuesday, June 25, 2013

    A Story of a SailorMan

    I walked in to the newly painted house, the scent of cement is still lingering. Trophies are everywhere to be seen on the TV cabinet as well as the display cabinet. He is one of my best friends, a good son to both his parents and a top student in his high school. Many years ago when we were still teenagers, I recalled that his dream was to be doctor. He knows it clearly that he wanted to be a doctor no matter what it takes.
    Just a few months before I left to UK for my further study we fell out, a childish reason for me to call this friendship a quit! But I admit defeat very soon a day before my departure and we spoke till dawn. That’s the last time I had a heart to heart talk with this friend of mine. I continue chasing after my dream but he scarified his for his family. He will never like me to mention it as ‘sacrificed’ but I am very proud to mention this friend of mine.

    As soon as I reach UK not very long, I asked a lot about him and soon to heard that he has a family turmoil. I know it is hard for him but he went through it and it only makes him stronger. He then went sailing (sounds so drama, but its true) and forgone his dream to doctor. Sometimes I wonder if he still wishes to be a doctor? I sometimes secretly wish that he still do as a close friend who knows him and wish him well.

    Years later I came back to Malaysia for good with a baby bump and he came visit me. After 5 years of struggling, he looks tired and mature. We no longer as close as before. I guess the interlude of the distance between UK and HK makes all the different and again, another big different is that I am MARRIED and he is SINGLE. At that moment, I wish to share lots with my friend but we were both closed up. Since then he will give me a call every time he come back to Malaysia. As time goes by, I reveal bit and pieces of my life to salvage the friendship. 

    Just last week, as I visited his new house, there’s a sense calling I must write about this friend of mine because I am so proud of him. He has now bought his own house with his own saving, renovated and the house is completely equipped. Just within few years, he has change so much in his life. I am not envy of what he has but I am envy of his determination to make things happen and his ability to bounce back when there are obstacles. Two weeks ago, he spoke to me and hubby about his little story of his life during the sail. We laughed about it but I know it wasn’t easy at all and how both of us amaze of how his gut to open up to us and truly inspiring life story spoken.

    If there’s an award for a sailor, it shall not be given it to sailormoon, but to this friend of mine, the true sailorman!

    Wednesday, June 19, 2013

    How Move House Professionally

    I have a two words to summarize what I have been doing recently.

    MOVING HOME is the one.

    And yes, I have just moved to a new house, a new community, but in a same old town of Klang. I know you are as excited as me. Let me tell you this, it only takes us 3 freaking hours for us to move from Serdang to Klang. Yes, only 3 hours for complete moving. Having said that, it takes us more than a week to unpacking. I am saying that because we are still unpacking. Every night I’ll return home with a goal of complete unpacking something and I still fail of doing so. As I returned home, I am exhausted but I am excited with my kitchen so, I’ll stay in there for an hour or so to do some cooking for my family. By the time I finish my meal, chit-chatting with my family it is time to go to bed. 

    After this moving, I have learned my leason:

    1)      Categories your things and place them into the same box.

    2)      Label your box and BE SPECIFIC e.g. Clothes (and whose clothes?)

    3)      When seal your boxes, always remember to tape it a few times.

    4)      Never use oversized box – consider your own ability

    5)      Place all boxes at the side of your main door a night before the moving.

    6)      ALWAYS do spring cleaning before packing up things as those unwanted will be thrown away a few days earlier and the rubbish will not accumulate till the last day.

    7)      When boxes are in your new house, make sure you segregate the boxes to the right room!!

    I promised that I’ll show the pictures of my home but looks like at the moment there isn’t any presentable picture to show. Most of my furniture is not here yet and some are not bought yet because we are short of cash at the moment (honestly).

    I have no idea when my house will be completely complete but my goal is by SEPTEMBER!!!! Yes, return again by September to see my house picture. Meanwhile, I am getting my life sorted… bills to be paid off and things to buy.

    Welcome the new poor maid of the year!!!