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    Sunday, June 7, 2009

    Beautiful Sunday

    Ever since doing my master degree, I haven't been walking around in the city center and not to mention about observing the restaurants or shops around there. I had a very hectic Saturday after sending Alfred's mom, Aunty Florence off to her Alpha course in London. Obviously, hectic means shopping, I have bought some tops and realise that most of them are oversize for me. Hence, just after our church service, Alfred Elaine and me went to town to do the exchange and refund business. Throughout the painful walk (was wearing my killer heels) Alfred found this real interesting Italian Cafe Restaurant. Things are just too cute (and pricy as well). Before I pop out from the restaurant, I manage to snapped a few pictures to show.

    (Sorry, I can't rotate this two image for some reason!)

    Besides that, look at the chocolate packaging!!

    Mini Conetto So rich in chocolate!
    Little bee?

    And this is my favourite I have told Alfred if he ever wanted to propose to me, buy me 99 of this!
    Last but not least, the Ausie famous food, nougat is there but with 20 times of the size!!

    No, we didn't eat here after taking so many pictures in that restaurant. We went to Bella Italia instead!

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