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    Monday, June 22, 2009

    Bristol famous spot for....

    Welcome to Jady Cloud's Diary. I am bringing you to Bristol's famous spot for commiting suicide!

    This is not my first time there and will not be the last time. It is not because of the highlighted above but Bristol has no other landmark except for this. Whenever visitors come to Bristol, that's a sure place to bring them.

    P.s: One of my favourite lecturer did commit suicide here after marking my dissertation.

    Look how beautiful this place is. The scenery is amazingly attractive regardless of day or night. How could someone able to commit suicide in such a lovely place.

    Look here again.... Why?? Why??!!!

    Again... Why???!!!

    Here's the answer:

    No idea what I am talking about? Close look again!

    What the %&%#$# 0845 number??!!! People have the urge to die and they are giving 0845 number??!!! What's all about the Samaritans? Getting money from those are dying is call Samaritans???!!! Now we know why people commit suicide here!

    Note: For those who are not living in UK, 0845 numbers are service numbers which are charging at a very high rate for the service they provide for you! And that's no wonder they ask you to call them anytime night or day!

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    1. I think you are getting confused - 0845 numbers are calls charged at a local rate - so the cheapest available and anyone on a landline would probably get the first hour free. Samaritans don't make money from calls and they don't get money from government and all the people who answer the calls don't get paid. They do save lives - they saved mine - so I should know. You sound very angry - but there is no need to be angry with Samaritans - they aren't the 'bad guys'


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!