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    Wednesday, June 17, 2009


    I have been really slacking recently. Not starting anything on my dissertation yet but has already inform the whole world that I am going back to Malaysia soon. 'Soon' meaning I have to finish my dissertation and pass all my modules. Then how am I suppose to go home if I have not done anything till now? I got my ass sit in front of the laptop once I woke up (some more wake up at 3pm, haihz....) first thing to do is watch partial of my drama (thanks to my cousin who borrow me those drama series which has been piling up because I have make an effort to them till now), second is clearing my 2061 junk mails which has been occupying 2mb of my email space. Unbelievable, how can I have 2061 unread mail for the last 3 months??!!! and God knows how many read mails...

    Well, skip all those nonsense, I have not doing anything much for the day but here I am sharing what an interesting stuff that I have found in my mail. Just enjoy the clip (ignore the sound track) see how cool this little creature react to colours.


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