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    Friday, June 26, 2009

    Childhood celebrities

    These guys were our childhood heroes, do you remember them? See, how time can change a person physically. Scientists have been trying to find cure for aging but none of them success. Even many of the celebrities has taken Botox to prevent wrinkles, the side effect of Botox causes their face to be 'expression-less'. Everyone wish to be at 18 years old each year, too bad that money cannot buy back the time that passed!

    Val Kilmer

    Roger Moore

    Rod Stewart

    Richard Gere

    Pierce Brosnan

    Mickey Rourke

    Ian Torpe

    Clint Eastwood

    Brendan Fraser

    Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Alec Baldwin


    1. nice to see that men age gracefully.hahaha.

    2. michelle: well, that's not the case for mickey. Apparently he is mad.

    3. So scary, I wish I cannot be like them.


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