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    Monday, June 8, 2009

    Contrast of Buddha Lounge

    Horayyyyy!!! Both of our exams are over and is time for some night out!! There are three parties at the same time, each trying to pull as much people as possible to their parties. Because of dear Isabella, I went to Buddha Lounge. Another reason why I like Buddha Lounge is because that's the place I met Alfred and also we officially get together in Buddha Lounge. The party wasn't what I expected, but yet, I glad that I manage to pull about 10-15 people to the party.

    The party ends at 2.30 am, I have never stay till the party ends, always late and go back early. But in this case, the party have to end earlier because of small number of people. It was so boring and quite as the dance floor was almost empty. Nonetheless, we have to give credit to Mr. Kevin who has made it better than the other party!

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