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    Tuesday, June 30, 2009

    Elaine San's birthday and result day


    You wouldn't know how tired I am now at 2 am in the morning. 24 hours ago, I was here sitting in front of my laptop click on my university website non-stop by hope that my result will be publish at 2 am. I was so wrong! I ended up waiting like a fool in front of the screen till 4 am. Yeap, I didn't sleep well. I have cried so much not because I have failed my exams but was thinking that I am about to fail my exams. This is so crazy, who will cry before the result was out??!! Then sleep for less than 6 hours I woke up again to look for my result.


    I PASSED all of them!!!!

    Well, I really have not thought of myself pass all of my papers at the first attempt because I have been really naughty this year, not studying hard enough. As I made a promise to Elaine, my housemate and Alfred that if I pass all my papers, I treat everyone TGI Friday. And here comes the day coincident with Elaine's birthday as well. I'll let the pictures do all the explaination.

    That's the event for the day.
    Broke for now.
    Will have more Bon Appetit till the day that I have got more money again!

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