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    Sunday, June 14, 2009

    I have a date with Belgo

    I had a very hectic day. Driving all the way to London to pick Aunty Florence from her Alpha Course, and Alfred take turn to driving us back to Bristol. On our way back the M4 was closed. We had to use Chippenham (some ulu country side road) to drive back home. By the time we reach home it has already 12.30 am. Really exhausted. But.... for the sake of our dinner in London, it has become worthy after all.

    Look at the crowd in the restaurant, it actually tells how good the restaurant is!

    The waiters and waitresses uniforms are so special. It looks like an apron but it is in black colour.

    Our beverage for the evening, Strawberry fruit beer and Mango fruit beer.

    Starter for the smoked meateater.

    My slow cooked shank of lamb.

    Alfred's Green Thai Mussels.

    and..... Aunty's roast duck cooked with mashed spring onion and plum beer jus.
    I was starving.... just can wait to start before them.

    Strawberry beer vs..... TAP WATER

    Yea, we enjoyed the meal so much and thanks to aunty Florence for the meal.

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