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    Tuesday, June 9, 2009

    Job Hunting!

    Welcome back to city center again, I said to myself. This time round I am not doing any shopping at all but the purpose was solely for job hunting. I passing up all my CVs and covering letter by hope that I'll have some phone call inviting me for interview. Honestly, after the so call 'sales and marketing' interview, I have not hear any news from any of application. It is the economy or the race, I wonder. My leg is still aching but yet I am still wearing the same pair of heels for job hunting. I am crying out for sandals but then my ego shows that I am all fine!

    Just after all these job hunting, Alfred and I just looking around for goldsmith shops. And I fell in love with this......
    And I begin to understand why girls fascinating about diamonds. It SPARKLES and SPARKLES and SPARKLES. I always said I wanted a blue river, but then, if it is from someone that I love, it will be nice regardless of black river or red river.

    Yea, I am high maintenance, my mom said! lol... Being an only child, I got what I want and there is no way I need to argue or quarrell to get something I want. Then, we didn't buy it, is just sweet to look at it.

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