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    Wednesday, June 10, 2009

    Making Pau

    This is not the first time I made Pau and definitely not the last. I enjoy making Pau and see how incredible the yeast can do to those flour. Since Aunty Florence has left cooked Char Siew, might as well make use of it. I started at 5.30pm and finishes at 6.30. It takes a little longer to wait for the flour to expand but the process of making them are quick and easy. I regret not taking any pictures of my Pau and their are in Elaine, Alfred and my stomachs now!
    I made Char Siew Pau, Lotus Paste Pau and Mr. Alfred recipe Pau. The receipe of the Pau skin is just flour and yeast. I don't measure, just 1 sachet for 1 kg of flour. Bore at home during the summer? Try to make it yourself at home!


    1. walao!.. courier it back malaysia.. to my uni here.. i wan eat pau XD


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!