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    Friday, June 19, 2009

    Open luggage without key

    There are several times when I travel I find my luggage has been opened up before me. It is weird because the only person that has the key to access to the luggage is me. At first I thought it could be the pressure during the flight or turbulence during the journey. But how? How has all the clothes still folded properly but just the misplacement of my items. My items have got their legs??!! Gosh... I have been trying to figure out and sometimes I really thought of uninvited guest in my hotel room. Scary... I have finally derive an answer to my confusion through this video.

    Sorry people, I have found an answer but has got no solution to this problem. I guess, one good idea will be putting all the bras and underwear on top of all the items. For those worker who try to open it up: 'Tada! congratulation you have just got all the bad luck!'

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