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    Thursday, June 11, 2009

    Summer fantasy

    During my teenage years, I was the 'Japan-lover' and was dreaming to go to Japan so badly. In 2001, my dream came true when my mom agreed to allow me to join a home-stay program in Japan. It was the best traveling experience I ever had in my life. Living with the Japanese and exploring their school life!!! I went there when it was Autumn and I did not get the chance to see Sakura blooming myself. Two years later, my mom decided to bring me to Tokyo again, and this time it was during Spring time, just-in-time to watch the beautiful Sakura fall to the street, look just like snowing. I don't know what's so fascinating about the Sakura.

    It was once told to me by my friend that I am just like Sakura. Why?

    He added 'A strong foundation as it will never fall, it will only be beautiful once a year and fragile simultaneously'. I did not understood what those words mean at that point in time and me being young was the excuse given not to explore the meaning of those words even till the day he died. Gradually, I begin to understand that I am just like Sakura. So strong externally, yet never fall but will only bloom at my weakest point. I know this is a random post but Sakura has been on my mind recently.

    P.S. - I wish that this year I'll visit Japan again for the fourth time. If this dream ever come true, I hope to drop-by Kyoto and Osaka!

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