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    Thursday, June 11, 2009

    Sze Chuan food!

    Finally, after so much of nagging, Alfred said "b, let's go Zen tomorrow." Yay!! I have been yearning for that for long long time. My Sze Chuan food and my VIP service in Zen.

    Here's the picture of the Zen Restaurant

    What attract me the most of Zen, is not just the 'blood' dish that reminds me of my childhood when mummy bluff me about pork blood is actually a 'chocolate'. Besides that, is the oriental feel in this restaurant. Playing oldies at all the time and remix these oldies creating sophisticate and yet oriental atmosphere. One of the waiter just told me that they has just refurbished the VIP rooms and made them into Karaoke room. I am so excited. The next thing I am gonna do is to start inviting friends. Before I am going a little bit too far, here's the picture of dishes we ate. I know what you gonna think, WE ARE VEIN! and yes, I am!

    We begin will this cold appetizer.

    What is this?

    No, it is not chicken's wing but frog's leg!

    Our friend's expression when he saw the above dish.

    And the next second, he has already chew one of the leg in his mouth.

    My favourite dish!!

    Look at how big the pork blood is!!

    And what's about the VIP service? When we went over to Zen, they close the whole restaurant just to serve us! Don't believe?

    See, I told you besides the waitress, there is no one else in the restaurant except us!

    for more info about Zen, click here ;)

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