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    Friday, June 26, 2009

    Taiwan Cannes Fashion Motel

    What so special about this Motel (Hotel)??!!

    Basically, the Cannes Fashion Motel room design based on the movie theme plus each room is conformity designed. It has 42 different kinds of rooms for the customer to choose. In each room, the top three temperature equipment is the ice basin, oven, steam box which enable the husbands and wives, the lover heartily to enjoy two human of three warm pleasures.

    Besides, the hotel has synchronization constant temperature changer which discharges the negative pressure principle and fills the room with fresh air. With that, customers will have the clean comfortable environment. In addition, the wooden floor and bathtub were imported from UK. Finally, with the broadcast system in the room, customer may watch the latest movie in their room. Below are the pictures for some of the rooms:

    Dynasty of Qian Long (乾隆皇朝)

    Farewell To My Concubine (霸王別姬)

    Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (臥虎藏龍)

    Havana Nights (哈瓦那之夜)

    American Beauty (美國心玫瑰情)

    Cleopatra (埃及豔后)

    The Spy Who Loves Me (海底城)

    Damage (烈火情人)

    Gladiator (神鬼戰士)

    The Myth (神話)

    Flashdance (閃舞)

    The King And I (國王與我)

    Pretty Woman (麻雀變鳳凰)

    Internal Affairs (無間道)

    Gone With The Wind (亂世佳人)

    Lost And Delirious (意亂情迷)

    The Realm Of The Senses (感官世界)

    Dragon Gate Inn (龍門客棧)

    Three Colours: Blue (藍色情挑)

    Titanic (鐵達尼號)

    I know what you are thinking. Curious to find out the price of the room per night? Minimum for each room is about RM320/GBP55 per night and can be up to RM1,375/GBP240 per night depending on the type of room customer choose. The best thing about this hotel is that you can rent the room for even just few hours. You know what I mean!

    To find out more about this hotel, please visit the website. Unfortunately, they do not have english website at the moment, only traditional chinese.

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