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    Saturday, June 20, 2009

    Top 10 ways to make $$$ online!

    As a student, life can be really difficult at times. Besides rushing to complete the assignment on time, finance issue can be real pain in the ass. I was talking to a friend about how broke we are and we started to look for solution. Guess what we have found online? 10 freaking ways to make money online!! Can you believe it we can just google this online??!! God giving us a hint?? I doubt it. Is more like God is trying to ask us to get our ass off and start making money!! By the way, this source is very reliable cos I got it from TIMES online. Believe it or not is up to you.

    1. Social networking
    Apparently according to TIMES, the Yuwie giving people chance to make money while making friends. As long as you make your profile more attractive, you are able to make more friends and more friends generate more money. Interesting. I have never know that the more friends you have giving you more money, it is always the other way round, more money, more friends. It has about a million people register on Yuwie, it seems like a deal.
    I am a bit skeptical on this Yuwie thingie. I went into this Yuwie website for less than 10 seconds and esc. Why? They make you see some funny old man singing in the video clip. Moreover, the design of the website looks like a conjob. Well, that's my opinion.

    2. Blogging - and here I am!
    I should not have go further into this as this is not something new. I'll advise you to go to nuffnang website for more information. Otherwise, Adsense can help you as well.

    3. Message boards
    This could be something interesting for me because I have never hear about posting a message online can able to make between $0.01 - $0.10 per post. That's consider a lot of money if you are unemployed, you can just stay at home the whole day and post a message at every minute. Most probably you might win the Most Message Posted Award. Congratulation in advance but that's not my cup of tea. However for those who are interested to find out, please visit webmaster-talk and Digital Point.

    4. Stock photography
    This works well for those who has good photography skills. It is definately a no no for me as all my blurry pictures cannot be seen properly without a magnifier. Then again, for those who are artistic and yet cannot take a proper picture to save their lives, my advice is to do photo shop, who cares even if it is not original. And check these out iStockPhoto and Fotolia.

    5. Surveys
    Some companies may like to do surveys according to the market demands before they starts a certain products. To encourage more people for doing the survey, these companies pay from $0.50 to $2.50 for each surveys depending on the wealth of the company and also the questions that asked.
    P.s: Never do it unless you have idle time. The questions are time consuming. after some time, you may find you repeating after yourself for each different surveys.

    6. Games
    Attention GAMERS!!! Can't believe it don't you. Me neither. Unfortunately, you can't play WoW (world of warcraft) or DoTa in this case. Instead, as far as I am concern, you will have to pay to play WoW. So, stop WoW and DoTa, join Moola. For great player, you can make 3-4 figure a month easily depending on the time you put in.
    P.s: Children below 18 years, please consult your parents first!

    7. Freelancing
    Again, this is not something new and many people has been doing it. Best thing to do is to get a steady income job for the weekdays plus a freelance job during weekends. With the internet, you can now doing freelancing online with elance and oDesk.

    8. Poker
    This is so much base on luck and skills. For those lucky bugs, you can make up to $1,000 per day.
    P.s: Don't do it unless you have self control!

    9. Selling
    Another thing you can do with internet is business. Just like selling unwanted gift on eBay and Amazon.

    10. Doing something crazy.
    Do something crazy to attract attention. Seriously, Banksy got famous by just vandalise the walls he see. If Banksy can do it, you too can do it (I mean you must be at least as talented as Banksy).

    I have not done all the 10 but now I am doing the blog for less than 3 weeks. All I have got in my account is RM0.25 (I know, that's pathetic) and that's why I am not giving you any advise yet. Wait till I am a millionaire and I'll tell you which one of them works.

    The end of my freaking long blog!

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