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    Wednesday, July 15, 2009

    Fcuking hell!

    WARNING! This blog content vulgar words. Children please stay 'far far' away from the scene!

    Someone really getting on my nerve! Have you have such a feeling before? Especially you feeling hitting the person but you then you know it is a criminal so you didn't do it? Tell me what should I do now??!! #$$%^ the s$#%*

    Yes I am angry and so what? This is my blog and I'll do what I like!!

    If you feel just like what I feel, you are wrong. In this situation, I don't get to punch the person. Or there is no such person waiting to get punch. I am so annoyed by the situation that I haven't get a job for the last 10 freaking MONTHS. Yea, I have got some income, just enough to survive and please don't be mistaken, it is NOT from NUFFNANG.

    Can you imagine how terrible life here can be? It seems like the police officers have to work harder now as crime increase. And not just that, more HOMELESS.!!... Will I be the next??? Gosh.... I hate UK now. Why am I not back for good? Here I am writing my dissertation!!!


    I wasn't that aware of myself being unemployed until I met up with a friend today. We talked about how our friends has got no jobs. The reason is not that they are not qualify to work or etc. but because of the skin colour. I am feeling the same here. I always thought that human rights in UK will be better compare to Malaysia as they truly practicing it. HUMAN RIGHTS, MY FOOT!!!

    I am here still waiting for my so call credit crunch job. Will it come or not? Should I blame on Gordon Brown? It is not a matter of going back to Malaysia or not. I have paid at least GBP30,000 here for two degrees (that's excluding my expenses). Am I not even allow to earn a quarter of it in UK?

    For those in Malaysia that think UK's life is better than Malaysia, my advise is do not get involve into the current crisis now!


    1. wow..thts sad to hear.
      u can always opt for singapore worst case scene?
      good reasoning tho on yr incurred financial investments.

    2. haihz........ I am so broke now. Investment? Bad investment!!

    3. At least you had GBP30,000 to spend :)

    4. u wana work as waitress temp? a chinese restaurant i know looking for someone to help... do you speak canto?

    5. Dear Anonymous,

      Which restaurant are you talking about?


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!