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    Wednesday, July 1, 2009

    Improve your blog traffic in 30 minutes

    Ok, I know I am a new blogger and might not be a great way to blog about this but I am curious about it. I found all these and I am happy to share and your guys should tell me if it works on you.

    1. Create link clusters within your blog

    The title of your blog is really important here as it may lead to unique visitors to come from search engine. When you write about a new topic say, 'yummy mummy', edit the other 10 blogs your to create a link to 'yummy mummy'. This may helps to push up your blog to the search engine for that keyword.

    2. Rework HTML title tags of trafficked posts

    Work on your HTML title by just editing your posts’ HTML titles to add the keywords they cover and you will be surprise by the traffic it generates.

    3. Invite your readers to connect with you on Facebook

    I think this really helps a lot especially if you have lots of friends on Facebook. I often find my reader get to know my blog from Facebook.

    P.S. Your friends are usually the one that are curious about your life!

    4. Save your best posts for the best times of the week

    By doing a bit of homework, looking at your pass statistic of your visitors, you should know when visitors are at peak. Post your blog during that particular time. No point posting a blog when there is no one goes online to read it.

    Gosh, till now, I still have no idea when is the best time to post my blog. I always post my blog whenever I am happy of doing it.

    5. Edit your post one more time

    Always take notes of several things in your blog:

    i) Picture quality

    ii) Blog content

    iii) Your reader's age and blog according to your reader's preference so do a poll in your blog.

    Well, let's see how's ....

    i) Picture quality - bad, not focusing on the angle. Poor photography skill!
    ii) Blog content - too much of porns (someone actually commented her as being perverted in her blog. )
    iii)Read's preference - not known yet. Poll wasn't success!

    Overall - BAD

    6. Stop writing about yourself. Start solving problems

    ....................... no comment......................

    Many bloggers blog about themselves and they have become celebrities! Why??!!

    7. Subscribe to the feeds of your industry’s major players

    Keep yourself updated to the news of same industry meaning blogs that have the same concept.

    I do that but.....

    8. Give a great post to a prominent blog

    Should I give XiaXue my post? She probably would laugh her ass.


    Should not take this point into consideration!

    9. Go to the store

    Pay attention at the relevant news, magazine and etc....

    Good one but I FAILed. I blogged about teenagers' life but I am reading TIMES every week.

    10. Answer your email and comment questions

    Yes, I do find this useful. Making friends with other bloggers and being friendly will generate more people.

    I'll try to bitchy the next time and we'll see what happen to my blog!

    Apparently you only need 30 minutes for completing all these process. True or not??!!

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    1. haha..good tips =)

      btw, how do we rework the post title HTML tags? not sure about that.. hehe.. =)


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!