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    Tuesday, July 14, 2009

    Michael Jackson evolution

    When he was alive, everyone hates him. Sue him, accuse him and etc. but when he is dead, he become even more famous than when he was alive. Now, everyone not just mourning over his dead but buying all whatever the leftover of his memorable items. Look at these:The leather jacket apparently wore by Michael has been sold for GBP5,000!!!

    Now that if you own a CD record of Michael Jackson with his signature on it, you can sell it for GBP5,999

    The most incredible one, the domain with the name of Michael Jackson were selling at GBP7,500,000. No, you didn't read it wrongly, GBP7,500,000!!!!

    One good thing about his dead is helping the income distribution of UK. However, we will forever lose such a good singer. Just for the memory, watch the Michael Jackson's evolution!


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