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    Thursday, July 16, 2009

    Miss Universe Naked

    What can be more embarrass than naked 'accidentally' in the public? Jenifer Hawkins, 25, the Aussie miss universe of 2004 has 'accidentally' drop her while performing her cat walk in the shopping mall. For more details, please watch the video!



    1. i thought she drop her top too haha

    2. Kelvin: My dear Kelvin, if you wanna watch porn, please go to some other porn site. I have been complain that my blog is so pervert... haihz... how to explain to those illiterate who comment me as 'pervert'. I so wanted to say he is 'gay'

      Borneo Falcon: Bummer? who?

    3. nice butt!no need to be ashamed of if you have that kind of asset =)


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