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    Monday, December 21, 2009

    Christmas come early for ME!

    I had an early Christmas party last Sunday organized by my husband's aunty. We went there fashionably late. Reason? To wrapped up our hamper in the car. It was all my husband's fault as he promised me earlier on to went shopping with me during the weekdays to avoid the crowd. At last, we ended up in the shopping mall like an hour before the party starts. It was embarrassed that I have to sit at the back sit to wrapped up the hamper in the dark while he is driving. Guess what, he has to stop in the petrol station to pump up and people then passed by ask what were I doing. Gosh... I haven't been so hardworking before ever since I am back here but I took the 45 minutes journey to wrapped two hampers. *clap* *clap* I think this is what I deserved.

    Besides the ugly side of us, going to party with half prepared, we enjoyed ourselves so much especially with those aunties. And... we got pressie from the aunties, which I really didn't expect it. I mean come on, I am not prepare and how should expect from those who invited us for the party.

    I got an Estee Lauder Pleasure Roll on which is something like this:

    #1 Very sorry, I am too lazy to take the picture.

    My second present:

    #2 Something interesting for me but before I could start reading on the first page, my hubby has finished 1/4 of it. shame of me...

    My third pressie is really an interesting one but too bad as I said, too lazy to take picture of it. It is a beaded orange pouch that given to me by another aunty. Love it!

    I enjoyed this party so much and there will be more to come on this Wednesday. Will keep you guys updated!!!

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