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    Thursday, December 17, 2009

    I am Backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    Yes, I am back this time, truly gonna concentrate on writing more for you, ONLY YOU!

    Sorry for the MIA, I had been really busy with my personal stuffs. Not to talk about my wedding ceremony which were held in both Malaysia and UK. I am now in Malaysia, trying hard to adapt to the cruel hot weather. No, I am not working yet, hence I am here to write more.

    For the past few months, life has been challenging for me. Just after my Master degree, I got married to my husband, I am glad that I met him. We then registered in UK, and got a small wedding party in UK. A week later, I flew back to Malaysia FOR GOOD, yea is good and not to mention how much tear I left for UK. We then plan for our Chinese wedding ceremony. It was so hectic for me as everything has to rush through before December and also before the Chinese New Year. According to the fortune teller, both of us were born in the year of Tiger, apparently will be not a good idea to marry in Tiger year, WTF???!!

    For the reason, I leave my dissertation hanging and go on and plan my wedding. I am so glad that we have got so much help and support. Obviously, due to last minute planning, things will not go as what we dream for, but I am glad we made show. I am glad that my Ji Muis were so supportive and came in the morning just for my big day. I thank them for their effort for making my husband's Heng Tai suffer. Someone recorded the scene for me but I have not watch it till today. I was too busy, coping with the sleeping hour and also my dissertation. I am proud to announce that I am almost done with my dissertation. Hopefully I can enjoy my Christmas in Malaysia which I missed last year.

    For those who missed my wedding, here you go, my wedding website. There are more things to be updated and will post it once I am free. Please come back from time to time for the updates. Please do not forget to sign on our guest book as well.

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