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    Wednesday, December 23, 2009

    Zhng your camera for FREE just like CHEESIE & XIAXUE

    I was asked by my sponsor to blog something about their products which will be launched next year. What a coincident that Cheesie, our Malaysian celebrity blogger has just Zhng her camera here and complaining about how expensive those Rhinestones are. I do agree that these Rhinestones can be overprice at times especially the shining apparent that attract girls like us.

    #1 The colours of Rhinestone. I lovessssssss the reds and blues

    Good news here for those who loves Rhinestone. My sponsor is currently doing a pre-launch product competition. For those who take part in the competition, 10 of you will stand a chance to win 144 pcs of Rhinestone. No jokes, honestly. No big hassle, just answer a few questions before 14th of January 2010 and you may stand a chance to win 144 pcs of Rhinestone which worth about retail price RM20++ .

    Just answer these three simple questions:

    1. What are the sizes that interest you?
    2. What colour of the Rhinestone is your favourite?

    3. What do you do with the Rhinestones?

    Before that you are going off, I am going to tempt you once again with pictures showing what rhinestone can do for you on your daily applicant.

    #2 Turn your ugly and old mouse to shinning and sparkling mouse

    #3 Turn your Keyboard into non-slip CHIO applicant

    #4 Don't forget about your mouse and calculator into a set.

    #5 Finnally, decorate your Iphone into sophisticate phone before you leave your house.

    Remember, to send your answer to before 14th January 2010. Meanwhile, please visit


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!