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    Monday, January 4, 2010

    I made the TURKEY

    I am getting better today, thanks to the antibiotic and 'persistence' of nap/sleep. To ease your curiosity, I'll show you how much medication I took (as a pregnant woment) to recover. I am not exhilirating it is true!


    I almost forgotten to share this with you, I made the turkey during the Christmas' Eve:

    #1 It is not over cooked or burn, its just crispy and just nice!

    #2 We had rocket as main salad and mash potatoes.

    #3 Decorate our dishes in gold linning ware.

    #4 Hmmmm.... Our golden chicken just out from sauna, meet the world, chick!

    I am generous here to also provide you the recipe for marinate the big bird.

    Here you go:

    1. Thyme

    2. Salt

    3. Olive oil

    4. Rosemary

    5. Garlic powder

    6. Mixed Herbs

    Once you marinate overnight, things gonna be real easy by just putting the bird into 200 degree hot oven.

    Full recipe upon request!

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