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    Monday, January 25, 2010

    I zhng my handphone

    Yay!!! I have just receive my crystal rhinestone from my sponsor. God, I didn't know they have got so many colours Topaz, Rose, Emerald, Blue Zircon, Crystal and Crystal AB.

    #1 My assorted rhinestone reach this afternoon

    I wanted to zhng my gadget long time ago. I think probably it is best to start it on my handphone. Let me show you how ugly my handphone look like before it is zhng.

    #2 Blacky N97 which I used want it so badly

    You could be asking why on the earth I am talking this black phone while my favourite colour is white. Thanks to my husband, who being generous wanting to buy me my favourite phone for my last birthday gift without asking me what colour I like instead, he said he is going to get himself a new phone. WTH, asking my opinion on the phone colour but YOU ARE GETTING IT FOR YOURSELF! FINE! When he came back with the Nokia hand carrier, I thought it was really for himself but turn out it was for me. A BLACK PHONE FOR ME???!! A few weeks later he actually bought another white one so that I can exchange with him. Honestly speaking, I'll prefer the white than the black one. But too much data has been stored in the black phone and I can be bother to transfer to another phone. That's why I am still using the black one.

    What I am gonna do now is to make this phone as blinky as possible .... covering its natural black.

    See what I need:

    #3 Things that you'll need to zhng your gadget.

    Basically you need to have a twister, 2 sizes of your rhinestone (any colour that you like) and glue (because I do not have the hotfix applicant.)

    Just 1 1/2 hours later


    Jeng Jeng Jeng!!!

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