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    Tuesday, January 12, 2010

    It has been awhile...

    Sorry guys for not updating more often on my blog. I 'felt' so busy recently. Am I really that busy? I have asked myself so many times. I have been waking up at 2pm everyday, doing my 'work' on the computer ('work' meaning browsing some pat kua news online), eat my dinner and watch some drama till midnight. The schedule hasn't change for months now. Without me knowing, my room has seem to be like a rubbish, my work area has got pile and pile of unfiled documents. Am I really that busy? I wonder!

    Just last week, I have fully completed my dissertation and sent it to UK. Before that, I have been working really 'hard' for my dissertation and praying hard as well so that it reaches on time. Thanks to DHL, it reaches 4 days before it is due. After my dissertation, I felt my life is aimless now. All I have to do is to sit down and wait for my babies to due. Some women thinks that baby kicking is fun, but let me tell you this, IT IS PAINFUL. Sometimes, I have to admit that I have totally forgotten I am pregnant and I need the babies to remind me that they are in there. Gosh... I am starting to fear of giving birth. You know what's the worst thing, I can't go through natural birth meaning, my husband cannot be by my side. After that, I'll have to look at the stitches everyday.

    I was really motivated to blog as 6 days in a row, I got into top 10 articles. However, the drive doesn't seem to last long for me. I have to admit that I am 3 minutes person. I looked at my nuffnang account after the campaign and find out that I have only got RM2.00 in my account WTF??!!! I am sure there is so much things you can do to earn RM2.00 easier and faster than this. I really couldn't understand the bloggerism behind this RM2.00!! Look... Should I be impress about all these? I am not LC here but just wondering why it is so difficult to even earn some moolah from Nuffnang!!


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!