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    Friday, January 1, 2010

    My 2009 Recap

    Think about it, I had an unforgetable 2009. It is the year that make me feel proud of myself and it is also a year that I cry the most and feel lots of misery. I thought I will not have such a courage to share it out, thinking twice, hey, it was wonderful after all!!

    January: I had monetary problem as I quarrelled with my mom who then left UK one day before my graduation. Leaving all the finance support to myself, I was asking myself how? How can I survive? I am the only child and I have never really have to work hard to support my own. I was in dilemma as to whether 1. call back my mom and said sorry; or 2. to stop my master degree and get a job. I choose to continue my master degree and decided to starting my own career at the same time. I was really weak, each time when I feel like giving up, my husband (back then was my boy friend) hugged me tight and encourage me. I will never forget the moment when I have to study for my exams and worrying about my finances at the same time.

    February: My life has getting better as I managed to earn more than what I spent (bare in mind that I have a car in UK that needs maintenance). I commited myself to two charities, Sponsor a Grandparent and NPSCC which wasn't a lot in term of monetary but I am happy that I have done it. I have then had the worst valentine's day with my boy friend. I mean he did not prepared for it and it was our first valentine's day together. We had an arguement, but still holding each other hands afterall.

    March: I was ill for 3 weeks. This is time that I knew who is my true friend and who really cares for me. I was upset with a friend who I used to threat her so nice but she played stranger with me. On the flip side, my close friend for 10 years came to see me and made me porriage. She kept asking me to consult a doctor which I refused to. She was so persistent and so, I went and see a chinese doctor instead. I also recalled my aunty called me all the way from Malaysia said that she have a feeling of me being unlucky this month. She insist to ask me to go back to Malaysia once I finished my master degree. I remember telling her "home? where is my home? I have no home anymore" my tear dropping as I told her so. As I was getting better, my boy friend drove me to shop to cheer me up. That's when we both had decided to we both will be getting married.

    April: Summer is here! As I skipped so many classes, I realised that I have so much to catch up now. I started to study real hardcore as I know I might not be able to afford my fees for the next year. Although I was making monthly salary which equilvalent to a full time secretary in UK but I was also a big spendid. In the same month, my boyfriend's mom came over to UK and help us with the house chord.

    May: I have patched things up with my mom. Besides study, I do not have any thing else in my mind as all I wanted was to pass all my modules and once more I can show my mom my result. In the mid-May, we all sat for our exams. Yes, is the moment that I decide myself I must pass.

    June: I completed all my exams, thanks God. I enjoyed my life to the maximum and started my blog. However, I had dispute with my boy friend that I thought we could not live together as couple or as husband and wife. We were then broke up for short period. I was really upset and felt stupid of myself as I knew this is the guy I wanted all the while but I had decided to give up. Do I regret? Yes I did, I was so angry at myself but then I gave all my priority to my pride and disregard things that my friends has advice me. Thanks God once again that I had a patient boy friend who stand by me. I remember he proposed to me but I rejected his proposal. So many times he tried so hard to patch both of us back but I pushed him aside and thinking that I can get over it soon. Things has then gone so far complicated than I thought and it really made us cried a lot, we finally get back together. I went and shop for ring, an engagement ring!

    July: Results were out!! And, I passed everything, I have relieved so much. Guess what, both of us decided to get married, nothing can stop us now. I started to plan my wedding in UK. Yes, is very sweet but I had just realise that I have totally forgotten my dissertation which I have to hand-in in August. I then have to discuss with my lecturer so that I can hand-in in January (the next due date) instead.

    August: Gosh... so much things to buy, tuxedo, wedding dresses, accessories, and etc. So much things to arrange, restaurant, cake, number of people and ..... da ... da. I was so efficient that I settle them in a week and take most of the time to do my dissertation.

    September: Finally here comes the month, my mom came to UK to celebrate our big day with us. I received so many gift and ang pau from my friends. A week later, we packed all our stuffs to go back to Malaysia for good. Yea for good! It is so difficult for me to bring back all the memories, so some were left behind. The total weight that were brought back was 160 kg. Can you really imagine how much stuffs I have bought throughout the 4 years in UK? I wasn't complaining anyway, I love all shopping in UK. On my journey from Bristol to Heathrow, I cried like a baby and everyone was looking at me as if my boy friend had just bullied me. Something bothering me, some voice told me that I am gonna leave this wonderful place. It reminds me that when I first came to Bristol when I was 19 years old and called back to mommy and cried wanting to go home. Look, now I am married. I have grown so much for the 4 years being in UK. My husband looked at me and hold my hand and said "BB, we will come back here again, I promise!"

    October: I find it hard to adapt to Malaysia especially the weather. I kept complaining that I am feeling hot at all time. My sleeping hours are odd. My husband have to bare with my mom's complaints all the time. Besides that, I find it hard to survive in Malaysia for earning 1k-2k monthly. Unlike in UK, the inflation in Malaysia is far up the sky. I find ways to earn my living although I don't feel like work as I am now pregnant with twins.

    November: My husband decided that we should have chinese wedding ceremony in Malaysia. I was told that he has got a big family and should giving respect to them. We both were so busy for the month and big thanks to my husband's aunty, without her, this wedding will be a disaster and also thanks to my father-in-law's support. I am so happy that all my dream comes true, the wedding ring that I dreamt of, wedding dinner in Marco Polo, and nice photo shooting. All thanks to my husband who stood there for me.

    December: I am so pregnant that I hardly feel like going out now. However, I have managed to do some cooking at home to celebrate Christmas with my hubby and mom. I have cooked the Turkey at home. You may think that my life is such a bore and full of misery. But hey, you know what, I almost start up fights with two person on the New Year Eve (next post). Also, we had a wonderful dinner on New Year Eve (no more turkey this time, only steak) together with mommy.

    Hence, like I said, it may sounded like I fall a lot last year but I have grown. I gained so much and faster than others. Some ask why am I marrying so soon, I proud to say that I am glad to marry early with my hubby who has been so patient and caring to me. I do not mention it all the time but I know deep inside, I might not meet some else like him in the future. But even if I do, come on, I AM MARRIED.

    Some even ask why did I quarrell with my mom and being so stupid bla bla bla... There are certain things that I will not like to mention here, however, I stand firm to myself knowing my decision is right. I have never regret that my mom left that day because from the day on, I became more and more hardworking. Earning money more than before, learning to be more independant, more cautious toward uncertainties and know what, we are closer now. I have learn to give and take!
    I guess, this is my longest post ever. I have some nice pictures that I would like to share:
    #1 My graduation picture in Nov 2008
    #2 Chinese New Year 2009, Bristol has the heaviest snow ever.
    #3 Boxing day in Bicester Village, Oxford
    #4 My hubby's birthday in 2009

    #5 Summer sales in UK 2009
    #6 Trying on a hairband in Topshop, London
    #7 We had so much fun in Madame Tussaud, London
    #8 Was waiting for bus on a sunny autumn day.


    1. Wow, u and ur hubby is so sweet^^

    2. Thanks Kelvin. Wish you and your gf will be the same.

    3. Sweet Sweet Memory With Ur Hubby < Envy!!!!
      Muacz Muacz!!!

    4. Wendy: Thank you. I guess that's why we are being husband and wife now!

    5. QuiRky: Yea, definately nice experience!

    6. congratulations on the marriage and twins!
      you lead a year full of hardships but enjoyed the reward after tat. =)
      im so happy for you.
      i guess there are happy endings after all. =)

    7. Elaine: Thanks for your sincere wishes. Yes, I am now enjoying my life to the max but don't know how life gonna lead us. I hope for happy ending and wish for yours too.


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!