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    Tuesday, January 26, 2010

    My Dream in the Year of the Tiger

    Tiger is the year for me, oh no, not just me alone. For the person who knows me well, I was born in the year of Tiger and... my hubby as well. Not just that yet, my two little unborn baby twins could be born in the year of Tiger. Wow.... we have four tigers in the family. Does it draw a picture of this:

    #1 Our Bengal Tiger family potrait

    Or maybe not? Some said I was pregnant with my babies in UK and it should be this instead:

     #2 Lol... if my babies were to turn out to be white, my hubby gonna first kill me!!

    I am gonna say this CNY will be my first CNY celebration with my family after four years being in UK. Unfortunately I might have to stay at home as I am too pregnant to walk. Just right after labour, will have to curfew myself for another 2 more months (my confinement period). After that, I am free to set my goal and plan my life. Opps... did I just said I am going to plan on something?

    Since the past few posts I have been telling everyone how tight our current living budget now. If I have RM8,888 I'll make both my hubby and my dream come true. I had once said to my hubby, I wanted to go honeymoon with him. We have decided to go to Vienna at that point in time, however, there are so many things in our way. First of all, my incomplete dissertation, secondly, we were rushing back to Malaysia after finding out about my twins pregnancy and thirdly due to money matter as we just thrown a wedding party in UK. We have promised each other to go back to Europe once we have got the sufficient money and after my babies are delivered. There is no such thing call right timing on deciding on something and I am sure we will go to Vienna as promised no matter what.

    Vienna is not the glamorous place of all, it can't compare to Tokyo or Hong Kong when it comes to shopping and neither it can compare with Monte Carlo or Paris for the classy and porch. I just like Vienna just because it is simply romantic. I remember my dream was to go to Austria and Vienna during my years in UK but I have got no one to go with me as they have already went there during the first year of studying in UK. When they reach their 2 and 3 years, they have all wanted to go to somewhere like Western Europe in which I have already been. Now it may make me sound silly as though I was in UK for 4 years but have never been to Vienna for goodness sake. Ya, but it give me a chance to write this and stand a chance to win RM8,888 to go to Vienna for 4Days 3Nights which cost RM1,200 per person and RM2,400 for the total.

    If really get a chance to go to Vienna, I'll blog about the places I wanted to go:

    #1 Austrian Garden

    #2 Baroque Church

     #3 Watch the famous showing opera

    #4 Listen to the best Mozart Orchestra

    #5 Holding hands and go to the countryside, feeling the fresh air and appreciating the natural beauty of Vienna.

    That's not the end yet, As I still have RM6,588 left. I'll use the RM1,500 for budget shopping (Hey, I need to buy some souvenir for my family as well) and RM1000 the expenses involve (such as opera, orchestra and etc. that is not paid by the tour). Looks a lot but it is not just me, my hubby as well!

    Now it left RM4,588

    Since mummy and daddy got something, the 2 little cups will get something as well.
    I haven't got any toys for my babies yet, now I am thinking to spend about RM1,000 on their toys. What? Too much? They can't share can they? I don't want them to cry.

    Let's see what to buy for them:

     #6 They can lie while learning about the animal

    #7 Learning about train together with the friendly mouse?

    #8 Learning to be a constructor?

     #9 Pre-school learning will be fun for them!!!

    All I have got now is auspicious RM3,588 and will put them into Amanah Saham or any bond investment for the whole family.

    Look! If I win the RM8,888, it doesn't just benefit me alone but my tiger family as well. How good it is, it just sounded as if 4 of us has won RM8,888 each alone.

    Have I tempt you? Have got dreams or places that you want to be? Now Tiger Beer is going to fulfill 3 wishes of yours by giving out 3 x RM8,888 prizes and the Grand Prize winner during the Tiger Run will get an additional of RM1,888.

    What you have to do is just blog about your dream in the year of Tiger and then send an email to with your full names and blog permalinks. The 88 most creative Nuffnangers will be qualified to participate in the Tiger Run which will be held on the 6th of February at 4.30pm at Bar Madrid (have no idea where it is), Jaya One (ok, at least I been there before).

    For more information, please refer to the Nuffnang Tiger Run page.

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