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    Sunday, January 24, 2010

    New Gucci for CNY

    You know what, I hate to blog now.... honestly. I am not looking forward to post anything as 1. My life is boring or 2. I am too concentrating on my pregnancy or 3. I have so much to do with my business. Bloody hell.... what more can I curse. Chinese New Year is coming. When I was a kid, I always looking forward for CNY, cos as I am from a big family, I got so much angpows. Sometimes it even reach RM3k plus. Now, I WISH!

    My cousin just wrote a post about how much she spent and looking forward for the angpows to compensate her hole in purse. Money is a real matter!! I am not saying that I poor but then the post has really giving me so much pressure. Not to mention that the babies is going to born right after the CNY. This is first CNY for me and hubby and so, both of us has to give out double angpow... so cham!!!

    Then talk about my business, my suppliers has advise me to pay them off before CNY, yea better pay them off otherwise they said bad luck for me.... ok.... another few figures flying away from my bank account!

    Oh, did I just told you, it is a CNY??? So I need new clothes, new shoes, new bags, and everything new except for new husband??!! FML to the max......

    What else????

    For the split second.......

    Stop whinning for a sec...

    Hey, I got a new Bag for new year...

    I am not here to showingoff, but then here is something to comfort me, at least I got a pressie....

    Here you go, my new love GUCCI bag. Don't ask me since when I am so obsess with GUCCI or how many more GUCCI I need to be enough. I don't think any girl will get enough with GUCCI.

    Yay!!! I am gonna dream more. I need a new watch now. A new shoe? I don't think so...


    1. haha.. can dreaming bring new stuffs??
      happy dreaming.. =)..
      clicked on CIMB.. that little money will bring you more and more..

    2. Thanks woaini_87, that will help!!


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!