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    Monday, January 18, 2010

    Real busy week!

    As I said I am now pregnant and I am going to deliver soon. Since it is twins, I will have to do caesarean instead of natural birth. The fear of undergoing the knife popping out now and then. I am excited how my baby will look like although we can already see them through the 3D scan. I am now almost done with the baby shopping and I think I should have stop shopping for babies clothes. Now it is time to clean up the baby accessories ready to be use at any time.

    Besides that, I am also planning to set up a business with my husband. Right now, we are still working on the business, name of the business, products, marketing and etc. Regarding my existing business, I am now expanding it, getting more stocks and correcting whatever system that defer us from getting big. It is not easy to do business but we are hoping to be manufacturer one day.

    In addition, I am now looking to apply job once after my confinement period by hope that 2 years down the road, I am able to get property license and that will branch out my family business. I do not want to waste whatever I had studied for 3 years in UK. Marriage is not the end of everything.

    It may seems too much for a pregnant women to handle all these but I am enjoying it. I think it is challenging and can't wait to see the future together with my husband.


    1. wow.. u got twins baby? good luck for everything ya~ hope to see ur baby soon~ :P

    2. Yea Ee Lin, I have got twins. I can't wait to give birth to them. Just came back from check up. Everyone is so excited about it.

    3. wah.. so lucky.. thn the stomach might be so BIG.. omg... susah or not~ @@

    4. Surprisingly, everyone said my stomach is small and i am growing thinner and thinner. Anyway, I am seriously can't wait to give birth.

    5. lolx... doctor didn't said when is the date? how many months dy~ when i bek m'sia, i meet u ya~ ^^


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!