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    Tuesday, January 12, 2010

    Rhinestone has launched!

    In my last post I introduced to you my sponsor's new stock, the rhinestone hotfix!! I have got some samples with me that makes me wanna 'Zhng' my phone too!!! It is so pretty, I just can't describe how shiny this little things are. At the moment, my sponsor is currently selling two types of rhinestone, the glass and crystal type. I think I'll prefer the crystal one although it is slightly expensive but it is worthy after all.

    I have just shown my friend (who is the zhng proffessional) the rhinestone and she said it is sooooooooooooooooo cheap compare to outside. She then brought me to a shop which is selling like 2-3 times of the price my sponsor is selling. Now, the price does not measure up to the beauty of crystal. Apparently this brand, DMC 's quality is comparable with that of Swarovski crystal. The reason why it is cheaper here is because my sponsor got it straight from the manufacturer rather than agent or wholesaler.

    Good news for the 'zhng' adict.

    Also, if you guys are using stickers or glue, you might be having problems with the rhinestone falling off or worst still you might end up just like Cheesie, glueing up her camera function. The joy of 'zhnging' will turn out to be horrible nightmare. Now, attached to the bottom of this rhinestones are hotfix, a type of glue, meaning you can stick the rhinestones on your applicant as long as you heat up the flat side of rhinestone.
    #1 You can use this applicant or...

    If you are doing it on your clothes, just iron them on.
    See... now, the 'zhnging' process is so much easier!

    Unfortunately, the manufacturer only offer crystal type Crystal Clear and Crystal Clear AB in colour but has got three sizes 3mm, 4mm and 5mm. If you are looking for something that bling but at very low price, try our sponsor's glass rhinestone hotfix. It has got a wider variety of colours.

    Interested? Am I able to tempt you to come and visit

    Wait a minute... I can hear you asking.

    Yes, if you are not in Malaysia but dying to purchase it, it is alright as they sent it worldwide. YES, WORLDWIDE!! Don't worry about the postage, it cost nothing more than RM10 even if you buy 10 packets from them.

    For you final information, they accept PAYPAL too!!! wow... And one more... MAYBANK2U...

    Cool isn't it???!!

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