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    Friday, February 5, 2010

    Jady's Confession: I am a Drug Addict!

    First of all, sorry for not writing for so long. I don't know why I choose to open a blog account and registered with nuffnang while I do not have time to update my blog. Following the trend probably. No blog mean not cool?

    Talking about being cool, this has been really new to me and I just got this news fresh from oven!!! HOT NEWS about JADY CLOUD!!!

    You guys probably have known that I was in Bristol, UK for four years while I did my bachelor and master degree over there. During my first year of study, I met this girl call A. She stayed in a same building as me and I used to think that she was like an angel, very femine, ladylike and etc. After four years of being nice to her and being her friend, I find myself done a HUGE MISTAKE! Why so??!

    Apparently this girl has been creating rumours about everyone in Bristol, fair enough it is probably none of my business. If she wants to be bitchy bitch, is not my problem. However, it came to me about last week that someone actually told me that A said I was a drug addict when I was in high school. Huh?? Drug addict?? Okay, something new to me. VERY NEW to me indeed! "A said that you have been taking drug in the high school for being cool and that's why you are so slim now" the source added and go on saying "She even said that you told her yourself!"

    Wow... what a beautiful and creative mind she has!! I have done nothing wrong to her and had never bitch about her. All I had to do was to sent her off to bus stop last year when she said she had a tumour and have to go back to Hong Kong for therapy. Well, I guess we all know why she has got a tumour now. In other word, I would like to write "God bless you for whatever you have done" to her but thinking about it, it is just waste of energy!


    A little update about my blog. If you guys can recall my Nuffnang Tiger Run post which I wrote like God Knows When.... I WAS CHOOSEN BY THE FENGSHUI MASTER!!! Okay, the email came like this:


     Okay, it seems like you can read it and I'll type out the first paragraph for you:
    "The Tiger Run is going to be around the perimeter of Jaya One, and there will be 5 pit-stops along the way at some of the outlets in Jaya One, where runners will be required to perform a task at each pit-stop before proceeding with the run. The outlets concerned are Bar Madrid, Cafe Chulo Spanish Restaurant and Tapas Bar, Frontera, Headquartrs Bistro and Royal Oak."

    Did you see it? Runners?? Perimeter?? What the heck??!! Meaning I would have to run on this Saturday??? Noway!!! I am pregnant for goodness sake. I called up my gyne, and he said no! I ask my mom and she said no! Ask my hubby with sympathy voice and HE SAID NO!!! OMG.... I can't go!!!  Fine! I give up! I thought I would get a chance to see the bloggers. Well.... not this time I guess. I think pregnant women should not start a blog for safety reasons.


    Now a little update about my girls and hubby. The babies are alright. I have even manage to put on 1.8kg within 2 weeks. Before you can imagine I look like a chubby mummy, I would like to tell you that I look the same or slimmer than before. The babies are sucking up my nutrients. Now, finger cross that they could wait till after CNY so that I get to have nanny to look after them.
    Meanwhile, I am super duper happy as my hubby has already start working with his aunty. It sounded tiring and hard work but I guess hard training will be good for him. Nowadays, he been calling me every night from KL telling me how's his life in the office. To avoid myself feeling misery alone at home, I have kept myself busy packing and getting ready for labour. Also trying to clean up my old clothes, can't imagine so many clothes in my wallrobe which still has the tag on. I wonder why did I buy them at the first place without thinking twice... oh well... I am just being woman.

    This seem to be like a good week update. Should I only write once a week, I wonder?

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