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    Friday, February 12, 2010

    Twins at Week 34 NOW

    Yes! My twins has grown. From small little zygote to embryos and then now two little fetus. I can't imagine myself being a mother soon. I remember when I was first find out myself pregnant with the twins, my mom and I was shocked and I was really worried as twins encounter lots of complication. My husband, on the other hand was shouting with joy. Now, I have got this far to 34 weeks, I hope that my babies can be slightly more patient to be born at 37 weeks or more. To be honest, I am still worrying, and having vivid dreams at all time.

    I went for another check up on Tuesday, just found out that I have gain another 900g, which is good if that's all for the babies. I have even ask doctor consultation as I find myself have several pain especially the low abdominal, it feels just like period pain. Also, the irritation of going to toilet more often than before. The doctor said it is all common as the babies are putting weight and this is the contracting of the bone or whatsoever. I feel relieve after the doctor's advise.

    Since I am going for caesarean, I am now looking for a Feng Shui master to see if my babies daughter birth date is good. I know I am superstitious but you guys will not know the feeling of being a mother until you are one. The master has choosen a few dates for me and I have thought about it to go for the 10th of March in which my babies will be 38 weeks, just good enough. I, honestly can't wait. Beside, I have also ask the doctor if there is 4 tigers (animal zodiac) in a family is it good. The master said, it will be better than 2. I am now pray hard for my babies to born 2 days later.

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