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    Saturday, March 27, 2010

    Earth Hour

    Earth Hour to promote the love for the earth and switch off your light? My Foot! There is no love!

    As I said, I am still under confinement, can't go out and count down for the earth hour. Nevertheless, I wish to see Earth Hour in Malaysia as for the last 4 years I have always been in UK during the Earth Hour. It was quiet and dark for an hour, except for the student houses like mine. (Hey, we need to study even on Earth Hour, ok!). This year, I can just watch the Earth Hour from my window, the tiny strip from my grill.

    I rush to my window and wait till 8pm. I thought to myself, it must be romantic if my husband is here. And then the clock showed 8 sharp and nothing happen. Ok, probably my clock is slightly faster (You know women make over takes lots of time and I have forwarded my clock so I won't be late.). Here 8.30 now, and nothing happens.*speechless........

      Impatient hit me at 9.00 pm and decided to capture this:

    #1 This is my neighbourhood area (don't know which is my house's) Hey, look! The lamp post is still on!

    #2 And yea, my room's light is still on. And the air-conditional too!


    1. i guess it's not necessary to turn off the electrical appliances during that specific hour.. they can always do it any other time if they really wanna save the earth =)

    2. Kenwooi: Yea, I wonder how does it feel like to live in the dark for an hour in the house. I am so scare of dark!

    3. Earth hour concept has been misunderstood by the public. The organizer have to rectify it. We do nothing benefit to the environment by switching off light for 1 hour.
      Do visit my blog post about earth hour and comments bout it:)


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