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    Thursday, March 25, 2010


    Give me back my youth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nahhhh.... I was just joking.

    So much things have change ever since I have gave birth. Not just mentally, but physically too. The obvious one should be the stretch mark on my tummy and breast. Sad to say I have not recover my body back to flat stomach. I remember how I use to complaint that I am too skinny and it is too hard for me to get my size in UK. Ahhhh... now I want it back.

    Furthermore, I don't know why, is it just me or all mom has the same problem. I have on and off sharp pelvis bone pain. I have been asking around, some said it is normal since I was carrying 2 and some said they don't go through that experience. Also, I kept have this feeling that my uterus is prolapsing. Am I being paranoid? Don't know!

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