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    Friday, March 26, 2010

    My Babies Look and Character

    Counting down: 5 more days to full moon

    Arrrhhhhhhhhhhhh......... I can't wait till the day come. I want a SPA bath, facial, hair do and so much more.

    But then, I just being told that full moon doesn't mean that I can have my proper shower and I still can't go out. Must wait till the 40th day. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.................... I don't want to give birth anymore!!!

    I am like a prisoner for like god knows how many hours, days, and weeks!!!!


    As I am complaining, looking at my babies it fulfilled my heart. Both are so adorable. Although they are identical twins but they don't look alike. They have very distinguish feature and characteristic. Alicia is a very active child. Since she is in my tummy, she has been kicking me day and night and sometimes it makes my tummy looks lumpy. She is also very tomboyish. She snores when she sleeps, drink so quickly that making so much sound and also open up her legs when she sleeps. And yet, Alf and I think that she is the cutest.

    Whereas her sister, Alison is much more quiet type and very feminine. Less active but cry a lot. Thing that I hate about Alison is that she took age to drink her milk and I need patient to breast feed her. But then, Alison is the prettiest. She has got some kind of heart shape face, very attractive eye lid, sharp nose and tiny little lip.

    I use very short time to understand them because I have been knowing them since the last 9 months. It is amazing how God create human very distinguish look and character. At the very beginning, I used to recognise Alicia as 2 crowns baby and Alison is single crown baby. But now both of them are so different from each other. By one look, I can know which is which. Cool!


    1. they will grow into your lovely daughters =)

    2. Wow... Kenwooi, you are my loyal fan!


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!