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    Friday, March 19, 2010

    My twins are born!

    Sorry that I take such a long time to up-date my blog. As I mention in my last blog that my babies will be born on 10th March 2010. Oh well, sometimes your expectation will change. I have expected that my two good girls will be good to stay in mummy's 5 star tummy till they are 38 weeks old. Doctor said the babies will be better to born on 37 weeks. I have to hold on, because I want my babies to be healthy and if the babies are born before 37 weeks will be CNY and there will be nobody to do the confinement for me. I was worried. I was praying hard hoping that the babies will not born during the CNY or weekends or holiday because I'll be charge double and will the bill will come up to RM 24,000.

    Thanks God!
    My two adorable babies was born on 1st March 2010, Monday in the morning, a day after CNY. Both are born healthy and weighted 2.15 kg (Alicia) and 2 kg (Alison).


    My experience?

    I had a dinner with my in laws and mom on the Chap Goh Mei and of course they were making fun of me being walking like a baby dinosaur and etc. We then also talked about baby being born and etc.

    The very next day, as usual, I felt stomach cramp, it felt just like having period. I woke up and when to the toilet and saw 1/4 of my undies are wet. At first, I thought it could be discharge and just ignore it and change myself a new one. A couple of minutes later the cramp getting worst and my undies are soaked with liquid. I got panic and knock on my mom's door. She then confirm I am in labour!

    She told me not to worry and panic about. She said the last time she gone through a 12 hours labour and I'll be having the same. She then asked me to get a shower and breakfast before she send me to the hospital. I couldn't stand straight up. It feels like something is dropping. I couldn't even munch my food properly and my mom just asked the maid to get me some hot milk instead telling me that I will not have any energy to push. I was thinking to myself "push"? Didn't I suppose to go for caesarean??!! Well, just to make her feel better, I finished up my drink and walk a slighter faster into the car and laid down.

    I choosed to deliver in Tung Shin hospital a couple weeks before and paid the deposit. Imagine myself screaming pain all the way to KL from Klang on a Monday morning. Obviously, I have never thought of early delivery at that point in time because my doctor have given me the caesarean date 2 weeks earlier than my EDD. I even felt like almost giving birth in the car but for goodness sake I hold it till we reach Tung Shin.

    The doctor has arrive and the operation room was ready but doctor has just found mine perineum has almost opening to its full. The doctor and nurses got panic and immediately transfer me to the labour room. I asked the doctor am I gonna give birth naturally? He said I got no choice! WTF!!! I am not prepare!!! I am scare of pain!! I don't want to stay in the labour room for hours! Guess what? I went into the room for less than an hour, both of my babies are born. *sweat after I am screaming so loud, my mom said I sounded like 'tong ju' and tease me that nobody scream so loud like me.

    You know what's the funniest thing that happen? I called my husband before I went to the hospital and telling him not to come along thinking that myself will undergo an operation and will be wasting his time waiting outside the room. But after the labour, everyone ask me where is your husband and I told them that I asked my hubby not to come. See, how silly I am not to let my husband see how my babies are born! God, I regret it!

    Well, it's all over now. Show you my babies when they were first few hours old.

    #1 Alicia

    #2 Alison

    #3 And now the two little cuttie

    Aren't they lovely?

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    1. must have gone thru "hell" right.. haha.. thanks for sharing the experience.. kinda learned a thing or 2 from reading this.. congrats on the twins! =)


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!