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    Tuesday, June 29, 2010

    Breast Enlargement

    I always wondering what's the feeling of having a pair of melon big tits. Nowadays everyone can just have their breast enlarge easily and your neighbour next door probably had one too. I am not serious about having one because I know the consequences of having one and the risk of course. I just came across an article about the breast enlargement today and was wondering how does it works. After doing a little bit of research, this is what I found. Probably not very good explanation but for sharing purposes, I do not need to be detail unless you want me to do an illegal free breast implant for you. I am happy to do so, I am serious!

    Apparently there is two type of breast implant, a silicon and saline. The saline is most commonly used as considering the most advantageous method compare to silicon method. However, it is about $1,000 much more expensive than the other method. The implant will be place under the chest muscle just like this:

    By the way, the implant can be tailor made to adjust to your need. Example:

    and of course the size A,B,C to Z (if it ever exist)

    Have you ever wonder what will it look like on the X-Ray when someone has got an implant? Look below.

    Funny isn't it? Looks like that person have got a pair of iron breast. Should they be call The Iron Breast?

    When does this breast enlargement begin to be exact still remain uncertain. However, there's this ER case, an Egypt women who was born in 1930 have CXR in her chest which have been believe it is a breast implant. 

    It could be the most happiest thing in your life having your breast enlarged however, if you are unlucky enough, you could have infection due to mishandle of the operation and if the 'water' implanted breaks, opps.... 

    Beauty = Health danger!

    Finally, the biggest breast implant women in the world:


    You guys probably know her ( I am sorry I don't), she's a pornstar! And Look! She even have a cert to certify her largest breast! Good one! But I don't think I want my breast to be so big till it is in my way of everything. That's all for tonight. Good night!


    1. I like girls with Natural breast, even if it's small. Implants just don't feel the same.

    2. @Thristhan Thanks god there's still someone who like nature beauty. I wonder how does it feel like to hold fake breast? haha...

    3. I think that given inflammation is really good now a day so many womens are suffering this problem in a societies , I would say if they use some natural way for her breast enlargement so I think it will become good think for her.
      Breast enlargement

    4. lol thats nasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. im only a double d and its so effing annoying, when you run or jump, they just flop everywhere!!! and its hard to find awesome bras in this size... thanks @tristhan for liking natural breasts

    6. It's quite interesting reading. I've been considering breast enlargement increasingly recently and although I'm reasonably happy with my breasts as they are, I would love them to be a bit bigger as I think it would give me more confidence in my day to day life. Oh and I'm not talking the size of the woman's in the picture either!

    7. i'm also a double d and i can barely stand the shopping, i've only ever found one place that sells my size and that fredrick's

    8. realy the ntural way becomes the safest way


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