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    Monday, June 28, 2010

    Edison Chen break up with Vincy

    I am sure everyone of us still able to recall the hot scandal which had happened two years ago. Edison Chen, the 'main character' together with our famous hot mama, Cecilia Cheung and many other female celebrities. Vincy Yeung, who was his back then girl friend was also one of the victim.

    Who is Vincy Yeung?

    She is the daughter of Albert Yeung, the founder and CEO of a music company called EEG. Meaning, this girl came from a wealthy background. However, apparently Albert Yeung was disagreed of their relationship and some rumours said that it was Albert Yeung who leak out the scandal. I am not sure how true it was. Back then, Vincy was only 18 years when she was dating Edison and he had proposed to Vincy a couple of times to Vincy but the proposals had been turned down. Partially was due to Albert Yeung's disagreement. Back then, Edison have once mention her as 'v' in his blog as the person he loves the most and he also said that she is the person that change him. Now, three years had passed. Is this 'v' still his beloved?

    I like the chinese phrase which sound as 'hard to move the kingdom, difficult to change a person'. True enough, he have never change even after he have met Vincy. Because he is still a player. Just after they broke up, there is rumour spreading that he's now with another new girl. Aha!

    Remembering those days whereby Edison facing the scandal, Vincy was the only girl who is with her through his ups and downs and even his father's bankrupt crisis. And now, the true love, he call? How many true love a man can have?


    1. hey jady...thanks for ur visit and comment...nice bloggie here too.

      yeah...put edison chen...i wonder which girl or family could accept him

    2. Hi Vialentino, thanks for your visit too. I love your pictures!
      I am not sure but I heard this girl is a beauty queen.


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