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    Monday, June 21, 2010

    My babies are teething

    I know I have been missing in action for ages now. To be exact, 2 months and 20 days. Some of you have emailed and ask where the hell am I. or, have my life been to bore to blog about. You are so wrong!

    I been to busy, life have been wonderful with two little girls with me. I have a fixed schedule almost everyday. Morning wake up, bath the two little princess (at first it took me 30 minutes to bath each of them but now, I am pro only take 10 minutes to bath and dress them up.), feed them and put them to sleep. Every three hours I'll have to feed them and at least 5 times a day. I do that every day and it is interesting to see their progress each day. First when I saw their minor crawling, I started to scream for attention (my husband, of course) and then Alison starts to flip over. I was like wow... she is only 3 months old. And now, both my girls are teething.

    It was a bit of pain, not only to them but me too. I started to worried about their meals. They have less feed than usual, cry a lot and the worst part was I didn't know that they were teething and I got so upset. I tried so hard to make them drink gripe water thinking that their stomach must be windy. Thinking of the worst may happen, could be colic but again, it shouldn't be happening to 3 months old babies. While Alison was crying, I could see some white spot on the gum. First I thought it was some milk fat which I tried to rub them away with the handkerchief. BUT IT IS NOT milk fat. It just suddenly hit me, could it be teething???!!! And yes, they are now teething at the age of 3 months on 15th June 2010. 

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