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    Tuesday, June 29, 2010

    Selling Baby for $25

    Babies are gift from God and some people who are yearning for one but they are less fortunate in getting one. This couple from California got a baby girl (for goodness sake, is a baby girl), decided to sell her off for $25 in front of Walmart. The guy who claimed to be the father of the child approach two ladies and offer $25 to sell their baby. At the beginning, the ladies were laughing thinking that could be a joke but the father being persistence persuasive, his action is getting suspicious hence, the lady made a report to the police. 

    I was thinking to myself, who will sell their innocent 6 months old baby for $25? Unless these people are really desperate and do not have a single cent for food. You know what then happen to the couple? They were arrested by the police in their squalor and high on methamphetamines. The most saddening was the mother was on drug while breast feeding the baby. Can you imagine how F*** up some people's life can be?

    And here's the picture of the both parents:

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    1. Jeez... on drugs.. No wonder they soo desperate for the money... But $25???? My gudness.... -_-


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