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    Monday, June 21, 2010

    Sleepless Night

    I have been writing so much about myself recently. Trust me, I have not been so sharing before in my life before I started blogging. I couldn't think about life is like an open book, not even think about the whole world can just browse on and started to read about me, and seeing my ugly face online.

    Some people even told me about writing blog and give yourself a chance to make more money online without having to work like a dog. I do agree that some bloggers do make themselves famous and start making lots of income monthly. Of course we know Kenny Sia who has always been bragging about his RM40,000 income monthly, then XiaXue make about -------- God knows how much -------- and Cheesie who has been really secretive about her blogging income as if someone gonna rob her.

    Honestly, writing one article per day is not difficult at all. However, having yourself scratching your head thinking about what to write each time, that's difficult. I think I have seen Cheesie posting her Japan experience after long due.

    "If you want to be famous online, be a bimbo!" Someone actually told me this before. Or some have even said "Being a famous blogger means being bitchy." True enough, have seen lots of them bitch about things (silly things most of the time) and getting into TOP 10 innit.

    Ok, I know I am  talking about nonsense. Just to let you guys know, I am having insomnia, my babies are crying. They just could not make me sleep in peace and so I am writing all these to kill my time. Forget about whatever I have wrote. WORLD PEACE!

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