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    Wednesday, June 23, 2010

    They are idiots!

    There are always idiot lying around the corner whom I always call the losers. These people are weak and yet they wants to be superior. I mean it is nothing wrong to be superior but not on other's expense. Sometimes, these idiots bitch about you thinking that you'll never know about it. Haha. The world is so small!!! and it is round. Have you ever think about the person you spoke to might be my friend too? A close friend or probably could be a very close one?

    Thanks for the Merry-go-round!

    Thinking that I am another idiot too, let me tell you this. I have no need to explain whatsoever to whosoever. And please, this is my life and this is my blog. If you don't like my life, FUCK OFF! it is as simple as that!


    Being a mother can be very busy and very free sometimes. My job as a mother depending on the mood of my daughters. If both are good to stay quietly in their cot, I can do my own work. AND YES, I HAVE WORK TO DO OTHER THAN JUST LOOKING AFTER MY BABIES, for your information. AND MY WORK IS PROBABLY BUSIER THAN YOU BUT DEFINITELY BETTER THAN YOUR SALARY! (sorry to be rude but there is a need to highlight my words cos the idiots are obviously dumb and I am helping them to see it clearer). 

    Getting back to my story. While I was doing 'some work', I was thinking of this lady who I have not been contacting for awhile. So, being a good friend, I called her up and talked to her on the phone and we talk from Fuji Mount to Everest Mount. And finally, she asked "how's your marriage?" I said "good and blah blah blah". The being a KP, she said she heard something about me and my hubby. Alright, finally something that draw my attention to the conversation. Of course, she was like, no it is not good to tell and blah blah blah....
    So, just to bust her ego, I'll have to beg her to tell me the whole story.

    And the whole conversation ended with WALAO!!!

    Apparently, this person told her that I married my hubby because of $$$$. And I was like huh?

    And then, I stay at home doing nothing, waiting for my hubby to come home and do all the house work and feed the babies. And I was like so cool!

    Later, she said I don't know how to take care of my babies but torturing them!! MY REACTION IS LC (don't ask me what it stand for, just guess!) 

    Very funny! 

    First of all, I don't from super rich family and definitely not POOR! Do you think student who are able to study in UK for 4 years is group as poor? 

    Secondly, my hubby do all the house work and feed the babies? But the babies refused to be fed by the daddy and then how? Leave them starving? And question, when he is working, who feed them? ANOTHER HAHA

    And finally, I torture my daughter? PLEASE!!!! I am the person who carry them for 9 months if I don't love them will you? 

    WHAT THE FCUK IS WRONG WITH YOU, think before you talk, bitch. You know what, my friend think that's also a big HAHA!!! And what do you think?

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