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    Friday, June 25, 2010

    Thirty-ish women can cling with Eighty-ish old man?

    Well, if this happen, will that be called love? 


    Two days ago, while I was watching WaTV, there's this show call 'In Life'. Just like the title of this show, it is all about real story in life. I just happen sitting in front of the TV while feeding one of my princess while this show started.

    This women (name her B) who was a masseuse then be a care taker was suppose to be a girlfriend of A, got disappear suddenly. The old lady (the employer) was looking for B have contacted the show for help. Meanwhile, the boyfriend was also looking for B. After questioning several friends and relatives, A got to know that B is going out with a eighty over years old man. He's then wanted to know who is the old man.

    and Guess WHAT??!!

    He is the employer's husband.

    The employer was looking for her because the husband force her to do so otherwise the husband will leave her is she didn't do so. And the employer have already know about B's relationship with her husband but she deny the fact that they are 'lovers'. It is really heartbreaking watching the old lady crying while saying all these.

    On the other hand, B explain to the boyfriend said that they have already long broke up. Because the boyfriend has got no job to support her and the her son. By the way, B have been in a marriage before and divorce later and have a son. While the old man can able to support her and her son. She request the old man to first divorce the current wife, second give her parent a sum of RMB50,000 (Approximately RM25,000) as dowry for her parents as they disagree of their marriage, and finally her request is ask the old man to buy a life policy for her and the son. The old man must accomplish all this request before both of them can get married. And... the poor perverted heartless old man have agreed on divorcing his old pity wife for B. Can you imagine that?

    Hmmm.... what do you really think about B? will this relationship really works? I don't know!


    1. What messy relationships they have

    2. Yea, can help but to agree with you. Just because of money!

    3. any relationship need something to tie on... be it love, affection, or in the case above - money. Will the relationship survive? As long as there is always a free low of money, of coz. The old man should just hope his money well will never dry up lah... :)


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