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    Sunday, June 27, 2010

    Twins Festival

    This afternoon while my hubby was flipping through the newspaper, he saw this and quickly show it to me!

    #1 Twins Festival in Bulgaria

    I was amazed with what I saw. Hundreds and hundreds pair of twins come to this little town to celebrate this festival. Bear in mind that this festival requires entrance fees and it is not even cheap. Just after reading this article I did a bit of research and found that not just Bulgaria have Twins Festival but all over the world especially in Ohio, China, Canberra and Coney Island. The twins rate are proportionately high in each of these places. People in these small town in the mentioned countries giving to twins, triplet, or quadruplet as if they are laying eggs (but I am not, Ok!).

    #2 Twins festival in Ohio

    but WHY?

    According to the newspaper, Harian Metro said this:

    #3 From Harian Metro

    There's something to do with the water they drink??? How could it be?? I remember my hubby used to crake a joke that said 'It must be Klang water that you drink hence you have twins (I am from Klang btw). Everywhere in Klang you can just easily spot a pair of twins, but in KL, people will like WOW YOU HAVE GOT A PAIR OF TWINS!'. I thought it was just nonsense to think about the water that I drink because I could not stop thinking about KLANG RIVER. Scentifically, it is still remind a mystery as to why there are so many pair of twins in the town.

    I have also found a video clip about the festival. Here you go, enjoy!

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