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    Friday, July 2, 2010

    10 Things you can never say when they are watching football.

    When man watching football, they are in another world. No one should interrupt them otherwise they will blame you when their favourite team lose.  Or, you shall not getting any reward even if the team wins. Here's the 10 things you should not tell them when they are watching football!

    10. "I only watch them when they're winning."
    Sound pathetic isn't it? Cos you never know who's going to win. By the time they won, the game is over. 
    9. "Football is so confusing!"
    Don't know anything about the football? ASK THEM and JOIN THE CLUB!!!
    8. "Come on, don't paint your face. It's so lame."
    Yea, it is lame I agree. When you are so into something, you can't help but to give your life to it.
    7. "This is barbaric."
    Ahem! Can it be worst than boxing day?
    6. "Brett Favre seems nice."
    Is about the performance and not the LLOOKKKKKKKKK!!
    5. "Why do you play fantasy football?"
    No comment!
    4. "I don't care who wins."
    Like I say, just simply give a support otherwise, you will be left out alone being an alien!

    3. "I want one of those pink jerseys."
    Just for the information, girls always look hot in jerseys and not necessary the pink one.

    2. "You're obsessed!"
    Don't think of it as an obsession; think of it as a display of unbridled passion. Sexy, right? 

    1. "It's just a game!"
    I think this is the most offensive word I can say to my husband when the team lose. THE......

    Oh well, whatever it is, just bare for another 9 more days and the man can never whine anymore.... YAYYYY!!!


    1. i think football makes men crazy too -.- hate the stupid sport

    2. @kok, you sounded like you are not one of them!


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!