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    Friday, July 16, 2010

    8 Keys to your blogging success!

    As a new blogger we often find ways to increase traffic to our blogs. I found few websites that's really interested today, I can't hold all this to myself and will like to share with all of you. I read about 6 websites and did a summary of all of them. There's these few silly mistake you do not want to make as a new bloggers. 

    #1. Do not apologize for not able to write. It is a common mistake we see from blogs which have irregular update. Readers do not want read your apology instead, they wants to read more from your blog.

    #2 Rather than you go on and on apologize, make yourself posting a regular post, probably one post per day, so that you readers know when to expect your new post. Irregular post will only make you lose your royal readers.

    #3  Once you start a blog, you have already committing yourself into the blogging world. So, get closer to the community and do not attempt to ignore the community (you will know the danger of it). Less procrastination and more commitment = success bloggers.

    #4 Your blog will not get famous overnight so do not expect return for the first year. And you shall not be give up easily. Put more effort, and be patient, you shall see the result.

    #5 Some people just got over excited with their new blogs and putting too much gadget on their blog. Too much gadgets does not make readers amazed with your blog. And too much of advertisement on the blog just show that you are over selling yourself. Keep it simple and nice.

    #6 Not even once you shall comparing yourself with successful bloggers. You are who you are!

    #7 Do not check your stats hourly. You shall not focusing on the traffic too much, instead you shall focus more on your royal readers. Put it this way, royal readers will bring more readers to your blogs. To keep your  readers from coming back is harder than getting more unique readers. Am I right?

    #8 Blog for the joy of writing. Many bloggers whom blog for money have ended their blog's life.

    Ahem.... am I good enough? Long way to go. At least there is a guide to help.


    1. Thanks for sharing the blogging tips. I already refresh my mind about blogging world.

    2. Hi everyone, thanks for your support. Will be giving out more tips in the future.

    3. @woaini, thanks so much. At least someone praise me... haha

    4. U need a bigger width template...this template feel so squeezy with all those gadgets :)

    5. i totally agree with #4 =)

    6. @Kelvin, I agree with you but I just don't know what will happen to my gadgets after changing the template.
      @Yi Han, thanks for your support.
      @Ken Yea, I find it that way too.

    7. Hi everyone... thanks for reading!

    8. wow...gud tips...thx for sharing....useful xpecially 4 blogger!landing here.....

    9. a very good post! thanks for sharing :)

    10. Hi..nice sharing..
      "You are for who you are"...yes,for all this time i'm in the right track. Sometimes, I said to my self 'u need to change the style of ur post, ur languange,ur oldstyle template to more funky'..but now, i'm convinced that..we should be for who we really are..right?
      Thanx Jady..

    11. Thanks for the tip! =P It will definitely help me.

    12. I'm still very new in the blogosphere. Thanks for the advices. Will keep them in mind.

    13. Thanks everyone for reading and I am happy to be able to help out.

    14. point 4 is very encouraging :)


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