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    Tuesday, July 13, 2010

    Alison laughing

    Both my babies started to smile when they were few days old. Despite they have already know how to smile, it takes time for them to have voice + smile = laugh! Alicia is the first one to laugh when she were 2 plus months old. However it was so short and she won't wants to repeat her best laugh later. We got no choice but to wait till they can really LOL (laugh out loud). About few weeks ago, I accidentally drop my babies bolster on her and I was like OMG... but then instead of expecting loud screaming crying, I heard my daughter laughing again. That's Alison. I was so happy. I can't help but to continue dropping the bolster over and over again for like 2 minutes plus and recorded it on a video. I know I am a bit of the cruel but if you see your daughter's first laugh I bet you will do the same!


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