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    Thursday, July 29, 2010

    Babies, the clothes eaters!

    You guys just don't know how hardworking I was for the past few days. Let's keep everything to secret until the day comes and I'll show you the surprise. Hehe....

    For those ChiKoPek who wanted my bbs' update so badly (Special Ronnie, Steven and Vincent), I have updated a few, just a few. All the clothes my babies are wearing are from Baby Gap. Specially thanks to their Aunty, Winnie who is so generous sending me another parcel from UK. All the way from UK. I was just counting how many parcels my Winnie have already sent me since I was pregnant till now. Four to be exact. I am so touched by that.

    Besides that, I have also took some picture of my BBs cupboard. And yes, they have plenty of clothes now which probably can last them until they are at least 1 year old. Please convince me (or Winnie) not to buy anymore clothes for them.

    Anyhow, I just feel so wanna thank this BITCH woman who fills my BBs cupboard and complete their childhood (or probably adulthood, who knows!)

    Don't you think she is a great poser? P.s. I didn't place her hands or legs some how but it just come naturally.
    AND She is

    Compartment #1 House wear and pajamas

    Compartment #2 Towels and Muslim Clothes (I only use to cover their pillows cos drooling all over the places)

    Compartment #3 Outer Clothes

    Not much right? Not until you see the last compartment which was part of my cupboard.

    Compartment #4 All outerwear and Winter clothing. Why winter clothing? Cos I was once preparing them to go back to UK. Sighzz... never mention it anymore.

    So, what do you think? And they are only 5 months old. 


    1. Oh~~ so cute .... Natural models haha~~

    2. adorable ! you need Baby Sitter? hahaha

    3. I'm so amazed by this updates. Thanks so much for this interesting reviews.


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