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    Tuesday, July 20, 2010

    Chanel Limited Edition tattoo for SALE

    Everyday when I wake up, the first thing I will do is to look at my nuffnang innit. I'll see if I am in the top. That's really a great motivation for me to continue writing on my blog. Thanks for all the supporter. You are my greatest inspiration in blogging. 

    Recently, I have been a little lazy, as to why it is partially because I have a maid now and secondly is because my babies keep bugging me at night and I hardly sleep well. Let's not go on about this. I am gonna blog about something new today.

    For those who knows that I am currently doing a small business online, this is just a short information about what is coming up on my online store. CHANEL TATTOOS. If you have been reading fashion magazine you can never miss out about this hot tattoos that I have been use by celebrities. Bare in mind, I have got special discount for purchasing in bulks! These would cost $75 if you buy on the chanel website. I am now selling it at RM45 (USD 13.50). It comes with a set of 5 sheet of assorted tattoos in a Chanel envelope. If anyone of you are interested in purchasing them, you can do a pre-order now as the stock is limited.

    Price: RM45 for ONE set (5 sheets in a set)

    Shipping: RM4
    Payment method: Paypal, Bank-in, T/T, Cheque (Item will be send out once payment clear)
    Bulk buyers are welcome and will entitle to special discount.
    Please contact if you are interested.


    1. really didn't know chanel got these tattoos!!cool!

    2. @Adam, yes they do. Very hot right now. Wanna buy one for you gf?

    3. it was awesome right lol love this thanks for sharing

    4. Hi Jady, wow! They sure look real cool, and sexy too. Love it...
      In minis or high slit cheong sums....might cause heart palpitations among the male species, ha ha.
      You have fun and good luck in your sales....keep a song in your heart, Lee.

    5. hey Jady , me is your new follower yippeeee i am no 16 ♥

    6. Thanks for the compliment

      @vampire, OMG my blog has got a vampire.... nooooooooooo... lol... I am actually scare of ghost and vampire.


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