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    Friday, July 30, 2010

    I am the blogger

    You guys must be dying to know who is JADY. Yes, I am Jady the Cloud.

    #1 I am Miss Jady who sat in front of the lappie writing all these.

    #2 See my real ugly face now. Can't see?

    #3 Here I am again my close up shoot

    #4 I have a sister, she is the boobie girl, the future international top model. Mummy said cannot do modeling but daddy give her full support to be a super mode.

    #5 I love watching TV. StarMovie is my favourite channel. 

    #6 Sometimes, I'll watch with my sister and daddy too (only when I am in good mood).

    Thanks for looking and I'll be back to introduce myself more. 

    Sign off,

    Alicia Chong


    1. haha miss Jady so kecik kecik sudah so pandai , again adorable photos

    2. Yes, I am also well known as the Jady the superior.

    3. Yes!! I got it right this time!! I can recognise she is Alicia before I scrolled down!! Yes!! So Happy!!

    4. @Kai ma, You got over excited when you can differentiate them. I think you go lalala when you meet them. BTW, please come back quick before I change my mind who to be the next kai ma.

    5. Alison's Daddy was here......

    6. haha the "alison's daddy was here" post was nice. Cute wei the twins like all except the part you said ugly... there are cute XD


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